We are offering 50% off our Ultherapy service.

Following Ultherapy treatment at Zen Beauty Spa & Body Works, you notice that your skin looks tighter and firmer, with no downtime and completely natural results. The results improve with time as the collagen fibers continue to grow within your tissues.

Treatment of the Month

Ultimate Anti-Aging Treatment

Includes an enzyme treatment which digests dead skin cells, a medical microdermabrasion which stimulates collagen, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and removes debris from the pores. We then utilize infrared lights to stimulate collagen and follow with our collagen serum and the rest of my 100% organic skincare products for your exact needs.

Happy Birthday – ZEN wants to celebrate YOU!

Come in during your birthday month and enjoy 25% off one product and one service of your choice (may not be combined with other discounts and specials)